New & effective treatment for eczema

Dermalex Repair

New and effective treatment for eczema

Itching, red spots, irritation or rash? These skin symptoms are very common and every person has to deal with one of these once in their life. Eczema (or Dermatitis) is the second most prevalent skin condition and needs a well balanced treatment in order to make your skin look healthy again. gives you insights and additional information in eczema. Read more.

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In addition, please find our recommendations in making some changes in your every day life to prevent the occurrence of your eczema flare ups.

Dermalex Repair Dermalex Repair offers cortisone free treatment products, which are safe in use and effective in result. Dermalex’ Barrier Damage Repair treatment concept is the third generation in eczema treatment by stimulating the skin’s own repair mechanism from within. Based on clinical studies and developed by dermatologists, Dermalex Repair offers you a new and effective treatment for your type of eczema.

About Eczema
Information, occurrence & prevalence
How to manage Eczema?
Recommendations to avoid new flare ups