How does it work

New patended treatment concept

New patended treatment concept

Effective treatment with no time or quantity limitations

Barrier Repair Accelerator treatment

The treatment of your eczema symptoms is two folded. First, the skin’s own repair mechanism is activated and second, a barrier is being placed on the skin to protect it from outside triggers.

One total treatment solution with 4 working mec hanisms:

Activation of the skin’s own barrier repair function is reached through a mineral complex that creates:

1. An optimal environment which activates the barrier repair action
2. A negative electric potential change on the skin which attracts Mg & Ca ions in order to restore the structure of the skin

Enforcing the barrier building against outside triggers through

3. Alumino Silicates which create a shield on the skin to reduce exterior insults
4. Skin Identical Vegetable based ceramides to enhance moisturization and protection of the skin