Dermalex Repair

Safe and effective treatment for eczema

Eczema or dermatitis is more then just skin deep. As the number of sufferers is rising, a proper treatment combined with all necessary elements to cope with the consumer’s needs is therefore wanted. Non-corticosteroids effective and safe long term treatments are limited.

Dermalex Repair offers a new treatment for Atopic and Contact Eczema and is the first Barrier Repair Accelerator offering a safe and effective treatment for eczema symptoms. It’s efficacy and safety have been tested and proven in clinical observation reports. Dermalex is registered as a medical device class IIa.


To give a customized active relief, Dermalex Repair can be used on patients with a different kind of severity of their symptoms, namely as a stand alone treatment for mild and moderate symptoms or as part of a combination treatment with cortisone creams for severe cases. In addition, some minor changes in every day life can diminish eczema flare ups as part of their treatment.

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Eczema, more then just skin deep     Recommandations to avoid new flares up

8 things you need to know about Dermalex

  • Atopic Eczema is baby and toddler safe from 8 weeks of age and older
  • Clinically proven efficacy (Atopic Eczema: SCORAD 83)
  • Developed by dermatologists
  • New & innovative groundbreaking treatment concept
  • Corticosteroids, fragrance and paraben free
  • Safe to use over longer periods in time
  • Not greasy
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or combination treatment with cortizone creams