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Dermalex developed a NEW treatment concept, available in a range of products for adults, babies, toddlers and young children. Based on clinical trials (link to clinical studies) and developed by dermatologists, Dermalex Repair offers effective and safe products for Atopic and Contact Eczema.

The paraben- and corticosteroids free products are a safe choice for self treatment and long-term use, with no risk of causing structural skin damage or major, lasting side effects. Dermalex repair offers new eczema treatment products to provide active and effective relief from eczema and skin irritation, and to restore the skin’s health. The Dermalex repair product range consists out of 30 and 100 g products, both for Atopic and Contact Eczema.

In addition, the hypoallergenic products cause no rebound effects or resistance, and the natural, active components provide active relief of eczema symptoms. Dermalex products are suitable for every skin type and are easy to use, without being messy or causing skin discolouration or stains.

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Recommended use

Dermalex repair is suited to treat different cases of eczema symptoms.

  • For mild and moderate eczema, Dermalex repair can be used as an effective stand-alone treatment.
  • In severe cases, Dermalex is recommended as part of the combination treatment with cortizone creams, to be used after the initial cortizone treatment to maintain the skin’s health and to prevent further flare ups.

Apply Dermalex repair 2 to 3 times a day on the affected skin. Because of its unique natural ingredients, no time limitations are applicable. Do not use the Dermalex products on open wounds. A specialist should be consulted in case of pregnancy or if more than 40% of the body is affected. Dermalex Repair Contact Eczema should not be used on children under age six due to a possible burning sensation. Do not use Atopic Eczema on babies under eight weeks of age. Discontinue use of contact eczema in case of allergic

8 things you need to know about Dermalex

  • Atopic Eczema is baby and toddler safe from 8 weeks of age and older
  • Clinically proven efficacy (Atopic Eczema: SCORAD 83)
  • Developed by dermatologists
  • New & innovative groundbreaking treatment concept
  • Corticosteroids, fragrance and paraben free
  • Safe to use over longer periods in time
  • Not greasy
  • Can be used as a stand-alone or combination treatment with cortizone creams