Bartel Jaspaert, 65 years old

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis in my early childhood and have tried to control it all my life. I have it almost everywhere on my body, and the symptoms aggravate during each spring and autumn. I would say itch is my most severe symptom. Scratching it makes the symptoms even worse, so it is really a viscous circle which is very hard to break.

I’ve used several kinds of treatments throughout the years, ranging from Vitamin A & D, Ureum based emmolients, tar based products and PUVA therapy.

I discovered Dermalex some months ago and it offers me the treatment solution that I was looking for. My itch, dryness, redness and scaling reduced dramatically. I use it also as a prevention, especially every time I took a bath. As I can use it as an effective stand alone treatment without limitations, it really covers all my needs, improving my everyday life quality like no other product.

Age: 65 years
Residence: Ghent, Belgium